VDF Flooring

Vacuum Dewatered Flooring (VDF) is a special type of Flooring Technique to achieve High Strength, Longer Life, Better Finish and Faster Work. This type of floor is suitable for high abrasion & heavy traffic movement. TheVDF is a system for laying high quality concretefloor. Concrete Vacuum Dewatering System. The vacuum dewatering concrete flooring, also known as VDF System is suitable for high abrasion and heavy traffic movement.

Vacuum dewatered flooring, also known as vacuum-assisted flooring or tremix concrete flooring or VDF flooring, is a construction technique in which a vacuum is used to remove excess water and air from the concrete mixture before it is placed and finished. This process can create a stronger, more durable, and more consistent concrete floor with a smoother surface finish.

Vacuum dewatered flooring (VDF) is a type of concrete floor construction that uses a vacuum pump to remove excess water from the concrete mix before it is placed and finished. This results in a hard, dense floor with a smooth surface finish.